The Clubhouse

Access to the clubhouse can be gained via the Sun Lounge door on the golf course side of the building opposite the putting green, or through the front door. Business and social visitors usually use the front door. Please ring the door bell to gain access. Golfers gain access either through the Sun Lounge door or the locker room entrance close to the 18th green.

We are situated in an urban environment so the clubhouse needs to be secure. You will therefore need to ask for a code or token to gain access to the clubhouse and to travel past the barrier when you leave the car park. 

Dress Code for Golf Course and Clubhouse

Golf Course (only smart apparel, including that which is normally available from golf professional shops is acceptable)

  • All players must wear suitable golf shoes.
  • Please do not change your clothing in the car park.
  • The wearing of denim jeans and jackets, football shirts, collarless tee shirts, tracksuits and trainers is not allowed on the golf course.
  • Men's tailored shorts should be no shorter than 2" above the knee and not lower than the knee. They may be worn with predominantly white sport socks. Beach shorts and cargo/combat shorts with baggy (bulbous) side pockets are not deemed tailored.
  • Men's golf shirts must be tucked into shorts or trousers.
  • Trousers must not be tucked into socks.
  • Women's shorts must be of a respectable length.
  • Peaked caps must be worn with the peak at the front.


  • Members and visitors are expected to be smartly and appropriately dressed in the clubhouse.
  • The wearing of denim jackets, tracksuits, caps/hats are not permitted. Clean jeans (not torn or with holes) may be worn in the Clubhouse. This is a trial to gauge response.
  • The wearing of golf shoes is only permitted in the designated spike bar, the locker rooms and Professional's shop.
  • For certain formal events and some prize-givings, gentlemen may be asked to wear a jacket and a tie. Notification will be given in advance of these occasions.
Note: Members are responsible for their guests. Organisers are similarly responsible for visitors within their party. We accept no responsibility should you or one of your party be asked to leave either the course or the clubhouse due to the wearing of inappropriate clothing.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may be used in the entrance hall, car park and in the upstairs meeting rooms and lobby area.

Please keep your mobile phone switched off when on the golf course and in the bar and dining areas of the clubhouse. Golfers may wish to carry a phone with them on the course, so that it can be used in the event of an emergency. 


No-one like slow play but sometimes it is inevitable. If you are delayed and the following group is closed behind, please let them through. You will all enjoy your game much more.

Try to complete your round in under four hours if you are playing in a four-ball.

Let competitions and matches (generally people playing off the white tee markers for gentlemen) through. They have priority. Local rules are printed on the score card. 

Some Local Information

  • All players cross the bridge at the 1st before putting and enter the green from the rear.
  • Ring the bell on fairways 5 and 12 to indicate to players following that they are clear to play.
  • Close and secure pedestrian gates between the 9th green and 10th tee, and after completing the 17th. Take care crossing the path.
  • When approaching the 14th green, please be aware of players on the 17th tee.
  • Do not tee off on the 18th until the 1st green is clear.

Care Of The Course

Just a gentle reminder of hints for making sure the course is just as nice for everyone else after you have passed by:

  • Replace your divots.
  • Repair divots on par 3s with the sand provided.
  • Repair pitch marks on the greens (and someone else's if you spot one!)
  • Smooth your footprints after playing your shot in the bunkers.
  • Keep your trolley or buggy away from greens, tees and bunkers.
  • The greens staff try to watch out for you, but please let them finish their work before playing your shot.

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